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Commercial resurfacing is where our experience shines! We deliver quality resurfacing or refinishing for most commercial needs, from apartment and hotel refinishing, restaurants, as well as rental properties. We can help you maintain a pristine appearance for all your property bathroom and kitchen needs. This allows you to have a competitive advantage. Porcelain Innovation resurfacing and refinishing services support the needs of your commercial property, to your rents by $50-$150 per month or increase your bottom line.

We understand the commercial needs and concerns. We can take your project from quote, resurface, replace, all the way through to completion. We understand that time is of the essence and want to create the biggest impact in our finished product. For we know occupancy is key in the rental or hotel industry. We want to create a long term business relationship, and we are here to service your needs now and in the future.

Property managers, hospitality industry, and institutions of all types save thousands every year by utilizing our resurfacing services. We help to maintain your properties high quality appearance. We also can repair minor job damage to keep your property pristine.

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