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Keeping office bathrooms clean, interesting, and attractive spaces exemplifies what your office values. Office bathrooms are often ignored, only maintaining a bare unkept space. The bathroom holds more meaning than you may know. Bathrooms play a part in the culture within the office.

The responsibility of remodeling a bathroom is a cumbersome project for a business professional who does not specialize in remodeling or refinishing. Porcelain Innovations, Inc. can save you the financial stress as well as time from doing it yourself.

Porcelain Innovations can provide the following:

  • Refinish sinks and tile
  • Install and repair tile
  • Completely remodel your office bathroom

Remember that your bathroom should be more humane, well designed, and culturally reflective. The bathroom impacts how people feel about working in the office as a team. So call a Porcelain Innovations professional today for an attractive and cost effective office bathroom!


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