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Porcelain Innovations, Inc. currently has contracts with numerous property management firms throughout Metro-Atlanta, covering a variety of services. These customers can attest to our extremely reliability and a quick remodel turnover rate, which is critical in the rental industry. No one surpasses the quality of our work and attention to detail, all while the pricing stays competitive.

Do not be fooled by cheap pricing associated with sub par resurfacing workingman ship, resulting in inferior results with significantly less than expected longevity of coatings. We take no shortcuts amongst our numerous steps in the resurfacing process, which is apparent in our superior results.

The many steps found in our refinishing/reglazing process is geared to the more than average wear and tear, which is so often experienced in rental properties. The process, along with the superior cleaners and coatings provide for a long lasting glossy finish. Removal of existing caulk and re-caulking is included providing for a brand new appearance.