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Refinishing – Bringing Back to Life, Update and Enhance! Beautiful Renovations, Less Time, Less Money! Less of a burden on the environment, with the use of all environmental safe products!

Over time, bathtubs and shower surrounds start to look old and worn, due to use and abrasive cleaning products. Additionally, out of fashion colors can seriously outdate your bathroom. Replacing your bathtub and/or tile is expensive and time consuming. Resurfacing your tub/tile is an inexpensive alternative to replacing your tub or tile. Resurfacing/reglazing is approximately ¼ of the cost of replacement, saving the customer thousands of dollars.

Porcelain Innovations can revive your tub in 3-5 hours, making the tub ready for use in just 48 hours. The refinished tub will have the glazed look and the smooth touch of a brand new tub. Porcelain Innovations offers a 3 years warranty on the company’s resurfacing service. Which is longer than most new tub warranties at 1-2 years. Unlike many competitors’ warranties, ours covers both labor and materials.

The resurfacing process has been perfected and mastered throughout Porcelain Innovation’s 32 years of services. First, the Company will chemically clean the tub/tile using proven field-tested products to remove soap scum, dirt, mineral deposits and body oils. The tub/tile is then acid etched, which further cleans and prepares the surface for the resurfacing process. The tub/tile is then cleaned with another cleaning product, which leave the fixture PH neutral, making a very adhesive surface for the coating to stick to. At this point, chips/cracks are filled and repaired. Tile beyond repair is replaced. Old outdated dated soap dishes; tooth brush/cup holders and towel bars can be removed and replaced with tile flush with existing tile. Then, the entire fixture is thoroughly sanded. Next, the tub is treated with a chemical adhesive, giving the refinished tub maximum life. The tub is then primed, in preparation for the final 3 layers of topcoat.

All of the products used in the refinishing process are of the highest quality available. The coatings used are the most eco-friendly available on the market. They meet Material Data Safety Standards and are free of the highly toxic acid isocyanines found in urethane-based coatings. Porcelain Innovations is committed to superior service and quality. As previously mentioned, all work is guaranteed against flaking or peeling for a period of 3 years.

Care and cleaning of your newly resurfaced bathtub/tile is an easy process, since the surface will no longer be rough and porous. Proper care and regular cleaning will give your newly refinished surface years of new life. Call a Porcelain Innovations’ representative today to schedule an in house consultation.

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Convert Shower to a Steam Shower
They gave me the lowest quote on a fairly complicated job. They finished on time and were great to work with. All of their subcontractors were great also. I don't expect to have another complicated job needing shower roof lowering, sealing shower for steam, plumbing, and shower door extension; but if I did I would call them.

Great Experience
After several quotes to remodel our bathrooms, we chose Porcelain Innovations not only for their price, but for their professionalism. Candice was knowledgeable, prompt and always courteous, even when we caused delays due to hardware not being delivered on time. Her team always showed up on time, kept the area clean and respected quiet times when our children were taking their naps. My wife and I are pretty demanding when it comes to getting what we want and Candice and her team exceeded our expectations.

Great Team!
Candice and her team replaced the shower pan in my master bath and resurfaced the tub and surround in my hall bath. They were friendly, polite, neat, clean, and professional. The transformations was remarkable. They look brand new. I look forward to having them come to work on the floors in the near future. I highly recommend them