Care Instruction and Frequently Asked Questions Print

Porcelain Innovations uses the highest quality cleaning and refinishing products, so that you can enjoy your porcelain and tile for years to come. Porcelain Innovations refinished surfaces only require minimal cleaning to keep your bathtub and tile looking brand new.

To avoid extra cost for quality service, call Porcelain Innovations for all of your bathroom and kitchen projects.


FAQ’s of refinishing and remodeling

  1. What is the difference between re-glazing, refinishing and resurfacing?
    There is no difference; these are simply different terms that all have the same meaning.
  2. Can you help restore sinks, tile, and tubs that I cannot clean anymore?
    Over time, the surface on your sink, tile, or tub will wear away with age. Abrasive cleaners will only accelerate the process. Porcelain Innovations will refinish your bathtub/shower and tile. The finished product will look new again with an easy to clean, shiny and durable surface.
  3. What is your resurfacing process?
    Porcelain Innovations will first clean the tub using a chemically field-tested product to remove soap scum, mineral deposits, and body oils. Chips, scratches, or other damages are then repaired. For a sturdy, durable, radiant finish, Porcelain Innovations professionals will treat the surface with etching, chemical bonding, and priming with our high performance acrylic enamel coatings. We use the latest technology and the highest quality materials to resurface your bathtub. Porcelain Innovations is committed to service and quality, backed with 31 years of resurfacing experience and an A+ accredited rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  4. Do you have a guarantee on your resurfacing projects?
    Porcelain Innovation’s trained technicians guarantee all of their work for 3 years against flaking, peeling, or crazing.
  5. Do you refinish claw-foot tubs and antique sinks?
    Porcelain Innovations restores both pedestal sinks and antique claw-foot bathtubs. The rising popularity in antique bathtubs and sinks has granted us years of experience in repairing and refinishing both. Stains and rust will disappear from your antique fixtures once Porcelain Innovations is finished.
  6. What do I need to do to prepare for my home remodeling project?
    If possible, try not to use the fixture that is being resurfaced on the morning in which your job is scheduled. This is preferred but not mandatory if you only have one bathroom in your home. All soaps and shampoo bottles should be removed from the tub or shower area. All personal artifacts should be removed if it is in the general area of the project; this insures that the technician will have room to work in order to finish the job in a timely manner.
  7. When can I start using the tub after it is refinished?
    Porcelain Innovations can completely revive your tub in 4-5 hours, making the tub ready for use in 48 hours.
  8. What should I clean the tub/sink with?
    Do not clean your bathtub or shower with abrasive cleaners. Use proper care recommended by new tub manufacturers and normal use to extend the life of your bathtub for many years. You can regularly clean the bathtub with a good liquid cleaning agent for the surface to remain clean and shiny. Care instructions for all re-glazed surfaces and provided upon project completion.